4 Paddington Attractions to Walk to from Chilworth Court


Paddington is an area of West London between two Royal Parks, Notting Hill and the West End. What makes Paddington famous is St Mary’s Hospital, where Nobel Prize winner Sir Alexander Fleming that revolutionized the world of medicine with his discovery of penicillin. It is also the place where Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George and Prince Charlotte were all born. Paddington is also home to a few more iconic areas and characters which makes it a great place to visit Paddington to explore with family and friends. Here are 4 Paddington attractions to walk to from Chilworth Court.


Whether you have heard of or have visited Paddington before, you sure must have heard of Paddington Bear – a famous fictional character featuring in a number of children’s books. He is also one of the world’s most well-known junior literature characters, named after Paddington Train Station by the Brown family when they found the bear alone. Whoever is traveling through Paddington Station, or is a huge fan of Paddington Bear, they would know about the main Paddington Bear statue. Thousands of people have taken a picture with the Paddington Bear statue and surely is one of the most Instagrammed places in Paddington. There are a few iconic Paddington Bear areas to visit in Paddington Station.

  • The first is the main statue where you can be found on Platform 1 (the exact location where the Brown family had first encountered their new friend in the recent film). The statue is very popular amongst the public, so do expect a bit of a crowd.
  • The Paddington Bear plaque can also be found on Platform 1, which gives details of the bear’s appearance in the book and movie.
  • The Paddington Bear bench is also on Platform 1 – this bench makes a great photo and surely is insta-worthy. Again, they may be a bit of a crowd but that is only because this cool bench is worth it!
  • The Paddington Bear Shop! Yes, Paddington Bear has its very own souvenir shop. Head over here to find some great and cuddly gifts for your friends, family, or even yourself.

How close is is Chilworth Court to Paddington Station? Just 9 minutes walk by Google Maps


The well-known Paddington Basin Bridges should also be on your visit Paddington list. The Rolling Bridge was designed by the award-winning Heatherwick Studio, and installed at Paddington in 2004. The twelve metre was made from eight triangular segments that fold towards each other, creating an octagonal sculpture that stands on one side of the canal.

Thomas Heahterwick’s Rolling Bridge performs every Wednesday and Friday at noon, and on Saturdays at 2pm. Since its official opening in September 2004 the Rolling Bridge has won a Structural Steel Award an Emerging Architecture Award.

Walk to Paddington Basin Rolling Bridges from Chilworth Court in 10 to 15 minutes by Google.


St Mary’s Hospital is home to the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum. Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin at St Mary’s Hospital in 1928 – when he had earned himself a Nobel Prize. The public can come visit the Museum to see Fleming’s laboratory, and explore the story of his revolutionized medical history of the development of penicillin through displays and video.

Find the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum easily in 11 minutes walk from Chilworth Court, according to Google maps.


London’s first Floating Pocket Park at Merchant Square, Paddington. This place is a must visit Paddington place for sure for everyone. The 700 square metre floating park in Paddington Basin is on the Grand Union Canal which provides a striking green public space on the water with its own canal boat mooring. Tony Woods, garden designer of The Green Club was appointed to create the new park in the heart of Merchant Square. The purpose behind this park was a commitment to providing innovative ways for the local community to connect through the use of outdoor space.

Get to the Floating Pocket Park from Chilworth Court is a 15 minute walk by Google Maps